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- 9/28/2023 - Posted on Google
I needed help upgrading my electrical panel in a hurry. They came out the same day and got the work done pronto. I will call them again.
- 9/28/2023 - Posted on Google
- 9/28/2023 - Posted on Google
- 9/26/2023 - Posted on Google
I have worked with Globe Electric for years and have highly recommended them to anyone looking for a trustworthy electrician!
- 9/25/2023 - Posted on Google
As a Realtor, having a team of professionals I can trust is critical in running my business. If I refer an electrician, my name is on the line as much as theirs. I have a one-strike rule with my trusted contractors. One time my client isn't happy, and they're out of my network. Globe is one that has been on my "favorites" list that I provide to clients for several years now. They've served many of my clients at their personal homes and at investment properties, and I have never had a complaint. I must meet them for estimates often, and they're on time, and communicate well if their previous job runs long so I can adjust my plans. I like the automated texts that give me updates. I know I can call them for anything big or small and they'll take care of it. I highly recommend giving them a shot for your next job.
- 9/25/2023 - Posted on Google
I am currently undergoing a renovation on my home, and Globe was referred to me to call for my electrical needs. I was quite pleased with the professionalism of the team. I had under-estimated the amount of work I'd need to bring my house to a safe working order, and they were great about explaining to me the work needed and the reason why in layman's terms so I'd understand. They were also quite knowledgeable about what things needed to be brought to code and which things were optional, but really necessary for safety, so I could make a decision on what items I could accomplish within my budget. I felt good about the work that was done and know that I can rest easy knowing that my old 1950's house is now less of a fire hazard! Five stars... highly recommend giving them a try!
- 9/20/2023 - Posted on Google
Great, honest company!
- 9/20/2023 - Posted on Google
Very professional, curious, friendly, on time, fast great quality of service with the office and technicians. They came out the next day, sent text msgs, and called to keep me updated on their arrival times and updates on work. Highly recommend this company. I will always use this company from now on with electrical issues.
- 9/19/2023 - Posted on Google
First experience with Globe Electric i was living in a 27 year-old RV. They did a great job and didn't break my bank. Just had to rewire a few outlets. Before we could really get into the remodel, tornado. So, now we're in a 1945 house, out of Globe Electric's service area. I was told the electrics had been updated. Lots of "electrians" in the area, but not one i felt would do right. So, just who do call to check the wiring? Globe Electric! Yeah, they DO service calls out of area for a very modest fee. Awesome! So, the two guys checked EVERYTHING and told us that yes, the electric box and the wiring to the attic and the laundry room are up to date. The wiring in the walls, yes, it had been updated - but it wasn't current and up to date. The last electrician to do the electrical upgrade just put 3-prong covers over 2-prong outlets. No grounding wires anywhere! Really?! Our Heroes of the Day gave us an honest estimate (ouch! Cheaper than my own yet still...) but, Mr. Weaver has options that will make it possible for us to get started on this project sooner than later. Seriously, finding a good electrician you can trust to the job right the first time, at an price you can live with, or any contractor for that matter is difficult on a good day. When you find that contractor, don't lose the number! Just because you "move out of the service area" doesn't mean you moved out to an area that can't be serviced. Thank you so much Seth for having such an amazing team of professionals and i can't wait for your compatriot to remove the compressor and other parts from the dead fridge so i can have a new storage cabinet. Thank you in advance and looking forward to seeing all of you soon.
- 9/15/2023 - Posted on Google
Very nice and professional. Did an amazing job and was in and out fast. 5 stars!!
- 8/26/2023 - Posted on Google
Regrets? I have a few. Contacted Globe about attic exhaust options. Rep came out. Suggested power vents. They consulted with a roofer and said I needed 2 roof vents and not gable vents although I only have a 900 sq. ft. attic. They installed 2 breakers to my box for the vents because the original breaker box wouldn't hold what was needed. First regret is not doing my research. No one told me that my attic and/or crawlspace needed to be sealed. I now have 2 power vents on my roof that are absolutely useless because when they are on, they pull warm moist air up through my floorboards. My cabinets and shelves in my bathroom and kitchen are lined with mold and mildew and some of the doors are warping. The reps suggestion was to only run one. So why am I paying for 2? Needless to say, I don't run the vents. Second regret is not having the rep fix the issue of my doorbell ceasing to function after the installation of 2 new breakers. It worked fine before they got here. All this occurred on July 10 and not one single follow up to see how things are. Oh well, live and learn. Better research next time. (The vents they installed were 2200 CFM. The rep even told me he picked up the wrong ones.) Rant over. Just do your homework before saying yes.
- 8/17/2023 - Posted on Google
Easy to work with. Came when they said they would. Did what they said they would. Charged what they said they would. Completely satisfied.
- 8/11/2023 - Posted on Google
Provided license information and were very professional.
- 8/7/2023 - Posted on Google
- 8/4/2023 - Posted on Google
All the above. Glen Addie was very professional and knowledgeable. Easy to communicate with.
- 7/10/2023
If you ever need electrical work done, PLEASE call Globe. Levi came out this morning and installed 2 power vents on my home, but because the original breaker box couldn't handle them, he installed 2 more breakers. All done as quickly and efficiently as anything I have ever seen. He makes you feel like family and I for one truly appreciate all the time and energy he put into the job. Thank you Globe. You are now officially my go to team for electrical work.
- 7/10/2023 - Posted on Google
My electrician worked ten hours in extreme heat installing the meter loop so the power could be restored that day.
- 7/7/2023 - Posted on Google
- 7/6/2023 - Posted on Google
- 7/5/2023 - Posted on Google
- 7/5/2023 - Posted on Google
- 7/1/2023 - Posted on Google
I have had all my electrical needs done by Globe. Been using Seth for years on multiple properties and recommend him to all my family and friends. Globe has installed my Tesla charger, tankless water heater, electric panel and i will never use another electrician!
- 6/28/2023 - Posted on Google
Professional, neat, careful. Best part is he listened to what we wanted to accomplish, and then talked it through and made suggestions- NOT “oh , I know why to do” and start. Don’t know when I need an electrician again, but I’ll call Globe and ask for Glen.
- 6/22/2023 - Posted on Google
Was initially told appt would be Friday but technician arrived today. Caught a little off guard. However, Mr Weaver and the techs are awesome, educated in their trade and always responsive timely.
- 6/22/2023 - Posted on Google
- 6/20/2023 - Posted on Google
Amazing work as always. A++++
- 5/30/2023 - Posted on Google
Mr. Pratt did a great job . Thank you
- 5/26/2023 - Posted on Google
- 5/24/2023 - Posted on Google
- 5/18/2023 - Posted on Google
- 5/17/2023 - Posted on Google
- 5/17/2023 - Posted on Google
Highly recommend Globe Electric Levi and Nate very professional thanks for taking care of us.
- 5/6/2023 - Posted on Google
Our power has been out for more than a week because Entergy can’t communicate, and this company went above and beyond to do everything they could to get our issue fixed up quickly. Seriously can’t thank them enough. Wonderful people :)
- 5/5/2023 - Posted on Google
- 5/5/2023 - Posted on Google
- 4/30/2023 - Posted on Google
This company communication was at an all time high. They came did the job and came back to fix something minor even though they was overbooked. That itself is the reason i would score them at the highest
- 4/28/2023 - Posted on Google
- 4/25/2023 - Posted on Google
Very professional and timely! I’ll absolutely call them again, if needed!
- 4/18/2023 - Posted on Google
Mark Did Very Good Work And Was Informative About The Problem
- 4/17/2023 - Posted on Google
So quick to get an appointment! Very knowledgeable and friendly!
- 4/6/2023 - Posted on Google
It was quick and easy
- 4/3/2023 - Posted on Google
Great service. Very nice and polite and informative. Did the job very well and had expertise suggestions. Little pricy but will use again.
- 3/29/2023 - Posted on Google
Great service
- 2/14/2023 - Posted on Google
This is the second time we've used Globe Electric and we could not be more satisfied with their quality of work, their technicians, and their pricing.
- 2/3/2023 - Posted on Google
I cannot say enough good things about Seth and Nate. I had a surprise $15k+ rewire job. They were excellent communicators and went above and beyond multiple times. I had complete faith in their ability to do quality work and take care of my house like it was their own.
- 1/10/2023 - Posted on Google
They did an awesome job and were very affordable.
- 1/5/2023 - Posted on Google
Great service. I called around 2pm today and they were able to fit me in to have my lighting issue fixed same day. Glen came out and was able to find the issue quickly. Glen was truly amazing! I would highly recommend anyone to use Globe electric. Thank y’all
- 11/20/2022 - Posted on Google
I could not have been more fortunate than to have gotten this business to solve and fix the electrical problem with my house. Their trouble shooting examination to find the origin and extent of outage was detailed and thorough. The work done to fix and upgrade the electrical system ,of a 70 yr old house, to code is complete and perfect, The persons who worked, both inside and outside the house, were knowledgeable, informative, trustworthy and helpful .
- 10/15/2022 - Posted on Google
Quick response, very professional, and showed up early for the appointment. Quoted a fair price and completed the work the same day!! Definitely recommend and will use again for any electrical needs in the future.
- 8/30/2022 - Posted on Google
The tech arrived on time, took a look at what needed to done and finished up in a short time. The price was reasonable an every was happy!
- 8/26/2022 - Posted on Google
They were on time, explained what they were going to do and the options. They answered my questions, gave me a price and completed the work in a timely manner.
- 8/24/2022 - Posted on Google
Seth did a great for us! We had a outlet replaced and he installed a new LED light over our sink. Great work, solid guy, you need to hire him!
- 6/23/2022 - Posted on Google
Globe Electric replaced my electrical panel in my home. The personnel were very polite and did a great job. The price was reasonable and the work was done in a timely fashion. They cleaned up the work area when they were done and left my home better than they found it. I would definitely use them again and will recommend to others!
- 6/21/2022 - Posted on Google
Call Them Right Now! Prompt, professional service with a smile. The electricians explained a complicated repair succinctly, took care of everything quickly, and fastidiously cleaned up after themselves. Will definitely call them again
- 4/29/2022 - Posted on Google
They did a superior job. I had electrical work to be done on a property I have listed for sale as well as my own home. They were prompt, and completed all of the necessary tasks. Nate and Levi were extremely professional and were meticulous in their work. I was very pleased and will be having them return to install some antique lighting fixtures.
- 4/15/2022 - Posted on Google
Seth and his team did a great job installing one bathroom exhaust fan and replacing another. They did the job right and ran the exhaust outside through the soffit and not just letting build up moisture in my attic. They also installed a new light fixture that required new wiring and put it on a dimmer switch. My quote was free. They were on time and really great guys that cleaned up after themselves. I highly recommend them.
- 3/24/2022 - Posted on Google
I called them out to update all my outlets to be GFCI protected so I could update them to three prong. They updated all my outlets and even corrected wiring in the process that fixed the 2 outlets that had never worked in my house. They replaced my old fluorescent kitchen lights with LEDs. My bathroom vent and light had never worked and they replaced that too and got it fixed in the wiring to the correct switches. They corrected my lighting in my crawl space and updated the switch and installed a new three prong outlet down there with the GFCI protection. They replaced one of my ceiling fans and got another one wired back correctly. And they FIXED a handyman special that had some messy wiring across my carport and got it installed correctly and up to code on the side of my house. They did all of this in only 2 days and were extremely friendly and meticulous in the process. I called to set up this work for after the 15th and they had me on the schedule quick. They cleaned up after themselves and carried the replaced lights and fans to the road. I have hired service a few times in the area and these guys were the best service I've ever had. It was also very affordable! They are the best
- 3/17/2022 - Posted on Google
I was very impressed with the work completed. I had several new outlets installed. Two outside outlets and several inside the house. The two outside outlets were through the brick and the inside outlets were in closets and garage. The work was completed in a timely manner and the workers really kept me informed since I was out of town. I then realized I needed a couple more placed and Seth promptly got me scheduled and worked it in to their busy schedule. They always clean up any dust or mess that is left after the job and the work is quality and completed in a timely manner. I would recommend them to anyone needing an electrician.
- 1/14/2022 - Posted on Google
I used Globe Electric to install a new 50amp breaker and outlet for my garage. They were amazing! Extremely responsive, on time, and the quality of work was outstanding. I'll definitely use them again and would highly recommend them to any of my friends or family members.
- 1/12/2022 - Posted on Google
Our gas water heater bit the dust. Come to find out that the natural gas exhaust pipe is out of code and would need basement to roof refitting. We decided to switch to electric. I prefer to use owner operated business and found Globe Electric in North Little Rock. I requested an estimate online and received a call from Seth within 30 minutes. He was easy to talk to and eager to provide an estimate. The next day, Nate came to the house, provided an estimate and got to work. A few hours later, we have a new electric line for our new water heater. You can tell that Nate takes pride in his trade through the quality of his workmanship. I am extremely happy and very impressed. I hope Seth and Nate like us, because we will definitely be using Globe Electric again. Keep up the great work!
- 1/11/2022 - Posted on Google
Electrician was on time, completed the work timely, was very professional and explained everything completely. I would definitely use them again!
- 12/31/2021 - Posted on Google
We had another electrical problem at our house and I called Globe Electric. They came the next day and took care of it. Seth is great to work with and so are the staff at Globe. Thanks again for a great job!
- 12/27/2021
I left a message for them to call me about an electrical repair and received a call back within 30 minutes. They were able to come replace a switch for me the same day. Service was excellent and very professional. The cost was unbelievably reasonable and they also saw a need that I had that they were able to convert for me in just a few minutes. I highly recommend Globe Electric and would not hesitate to call them for any of my electrical needs. Thank you, guys!!!
- 12/24/2021 - Posted on Google
Called these guys looking for quotes on electrical upgrades in my home. They offered a free quote when other, more reviewed, places charged just to come out to provide a quote. The price of the job was reasonable and the work was done quickly and without hassle. Easy to do business with!
- 12/17/2021 - Posted on Google
The electrician who came to repair a light switch for me name was Seth. I really appreciate being able Not only to get next day first thing appointment (8:30a) for the service. But also, was able to make the repair in a timely fashion. Seth was on time, friendly, and properly social distance. All while making sure my needs were met. He also cleaned his own mess. I have hired many consultants (electricians, plumbers, carpetings, painters, etc) in the past both professionally and personally. Typically only the carpenters and paints clean behind themselves because there job would be incomplete if they left painters tape or nails all over the place. I was impressed by Seth asking me for a broom. I'm a type A person which means details are everything to me!!! I would definitely recommend him to anyone who ask me about great electricians. On the Next Door app, there are always opportunities to promote great service such as his. Thank you so much Seth!
- 12/17/2021 - Posted on Google
Globe Electric responded immediately to our request and solved the damages we had from a lightning storm quickly. Very reasonable rate!
- 11/17/2021 - Posted on Google
Globe came recommended and didn't disappoint. Fair pricing and quality work. I will use globe again in the future.
- 11/4/2021 - Posted on Google
We have used these guys multiple times and they are always honest, fair and reliable. We will continue to use them for all of our electrical needs.
- 11/2/2021 - Posted on Google
Great service! ALWAYS on time! Stands behind their work. Will definitely use Globe Electric for all my electrical needs.
- 10/16/2021 - Posted on Google
I was very satisfied, they showed up on time, they were extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and pricing was great.
- 10/10/2021 - Posted on Google
Seth at Globe Electric was recommended to us by our realtor. He was prompt in responding to our needs, showed up as promised, and he and his staff completed all work to our expectations. Great, friendly service. I highly recommend Globe Electric.

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